I must admit, my updates have been a little slow lately. TO defend myself, I could blame internet connection in Myanmar. They are scarce and the few I found are not what you would call fast. To ease your wait, I would like to redirect you to a fascinating article written by a fellow traveler and countryman I met on the road in Iran. His story is uncommon. I know, it’s in French but it’s worth picking up your dictionary or at worst an online translator.

After having celebrated the New Year together (sober, as alcohol is forbidden in this Islamic Republic in case you had forgotten) I left him and Luke (a Dutch biker also met in Iran) to get my wheels back on the road.

A few hours later, as I was back with Lizzie, my two friends were arrested in the street. Their nightmare was only beginning as they were about to spend 15 days behind iranian bars.

Their story is beautifully counted here on Doudou’s blog (aka Edward the Prisoner), you should really go check it out.

This anecdote should remind us that, even though the iranian population always has a very warm welcome, and even though the country is slowly opening up to tourists, it’s still a country extremely security concerned and paranoid about any foreigners on its soil.

However this does not change my opinion on the country, I still wish you would all go visit this wonderful and complex country. Everybody talks about it but few have been there! After what Doudou experienced, I can only advise you be really careful! I don’t want to be reading your unfortunate stories on a blog …

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